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The very best lumber available is all we stock at Haselton Lumber. High grade lumber means less waste in your building project which saves time and money as well as a quality build. Western Spruce, Eastern White Pine, #1 Pressure Treated, Douglas Fir, Cedar, Popular, Birch and more varieties stocked in our lumber yard.

Custom Millwork with no minimums means you only order what you need: door and window trims, bead board, wainscoting, flooring, and baseboard. The addition of millwork creates custom finishes for your home and construction jobs. Our millwork staff will match or create new millwork profiles for you.

Building Supplies from leading manufacturers include: Elk GAF Roofing, Ideal Roofing, Bostitch, Paslode, Knauf Insulation, Andersen Windows and Doors, Reeb Millwork, Omega and Homestead Cabinetry are a few of the manufacturers represented at Haselton Lumber.

Our staff has decades of building knowledge and product expertise to assist contractors and homeowners with all phases of building and construction. Haselton Lumber’s kitchen and bath designer, Peg Miron, travels to your home with a portable showroom to plan your remodel and new construction projects.

Haselton Lumber is dedicated to assisting contractors and homeowners with the very best lumber, building products, millwork with no minimums, and of course building expertise and customer service. Call or visit Haselton Lumber today – Your neighbor off the beaten path.



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As you know, the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA), is recommending new updated guidelines for treated lumber. What does that mean for you, the contractor or homeowner? The new standards, agreed upon industry wide, now clearly require the use of Ground Contact treated material for many applications physically located above the ground. Treated materials will now be used for their intended purpose.

What are the new rules for selecting and using treated materials?

Even if a location appears to be above the ground, choose Ground Contact treated wood if

  • soil or other debris may build up and stay in contact with the wood
  • there is insufficient ventilation to allow air circulation around the wood
  • material is installed less than 6 inches above ground on permeable building materials
  • material is installed in  contact with non-durable untreated or older construction with any evidence of decay
  • wood is subject to frequent or recurring wetting
  • wood is used in tropical climates
  • the wood is both: difficult to maintain, repair or replace and critical to the performance and safety of the entire system

Remember that joists and beams for decks and docks fit both of these final criteria and therefore require Ground Contact treatment.    

What do these changes mean for the industry?

Consumers benefit from the new standards that require wood to be properly used for the applications and conditions in which it will be used. The treated wood has been tested to ensure proper performance in these applications and conditions. However, the new standards only work if consumers make the right decisions about whether one of the above conditions applies to treated wood used in their projects. The industry needs to continue to educate and guide users in selecting the appropriate product for their needs.  Retailers need to decide what material to stock to meet their customers’ needs.

***It is also very, very important to keep the end tags as well as your invoices to aid with claims that might accrue down the road***

As standards roll out, we'll continue to give you the most updated information as we receive it. Our goal is to keep you educated with relevant, up to date information.

How to Properly Choose Treated Wood  How to Choose the Right Wood For Your Project



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